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Our prices include sales tax & 2-3 day signature delivery to all U.S. addresses, even APO.  We have very Discreet Packaging, too. International Express service is available.


No inventory delays.  Don't worry!  Your new family member will Not arrive in a truck with "Dildo Delivery" painted on the side.  Your secrets are safe with us!
Classic  Feeldoe ® Image

Feeldoe® Classic


Image of Classic Feeldoe ® with Vibrator

Vibrating Feeldoe®


Feeldoe ® Slim Image

Feeldoe® Slim


Feeldoe® Slim with Vibrator

Vibrating Feeldoe®


Feeldoe ® Stout Image

Feeldoe® Stout


Image of Feeldoe ® Stout with Vibrator

eeldoe® Stout


Feeldoe ® More Image

Feeldoe® More


Image of Feeldoe ® More with Vibrator

Feeldoe® More


Realistic Feeldoe® are called Realdoe®
Realdoe ® Classic Image

Realdoe® Classic


Image of Realdoe ® Classic with Vibrator

® Classic


Realdoe ® Slim Image

Realdoe® Slim


Image of Realdoe ® Slim with Vibrator

Realdoe® Slim



Realdoe® Stout



Realdoe® Stout



Realdoe® More



Realdoe® More


US Postal Service2 - 3 day discrete deliveryWe accept Discover and Visa and MasterCard. and even fill Snail mail orders!
We take Discover, Visa, Master Card, and we also take old fashioned mail orders!
  If you're outside of the U.S.A., his computer brain box will tell you the final outcome BEFORE you make a commitment.
Ha!  How many of us wish we could do that with our relationships!?!

We offer them all - with and without vibrators.  Size Comparison Chart  

Our site's so unusual, some people wonder if we're for real.  Unlike a lot of web sex toy stores, we've been satisfying people since 2003.
We Are the Home of the Strapless Dildo Revolution!
  Our silicone products are Made in America, and we're not just saying that 'cause it's trendy.  Our manufacturing has always been in the U.S.A. 

See our Terms & Conditions for our 24 hour shipping policy, how to return an item, and our privacy policy.
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To get the scoop on the New REALDOE® and a big up close & personal picture of one, see the newest member.

Here's why the Red one is called the "More".  You'll find details about the
Vibrators Here. 

If you want to snail mail your order, print our snail mail order form.

Shopping on the net is hard, so Mia hopes this pic helps you pick!
The Feeldoe® Family Photo

The horse ends vary in length and diameter, while
the pony is 2-1/2” long by 1-1/2” in diameter on all models.

Colors are consistent with sizes, globally.

If you’ve seen what may seem like other sizes of Feeldoe® and Realdoe® elsewhere, it’s only a matter of
how others make measurements. 

Our site’s run by women, and we just measure
the part that counts.. in a straight line.. with a ruler!

Smart, huh? hehehe..


Image of Our Discrete Delivery Doe

This is the cleanest adult site on the internet!
Little stick girl sliding over the rainbow.
We just want to set you free from straps, and FAST!

Caution:  We've had several complaints about people selling Feeldoe® and Realdoe® on eBay and Amazon who evidently Do Not Supply the product, and some others who advertise a great price but then add to it up after you’ve already entered your credit card account number.  We've read several Amazon complaints of customer's not receiving the specific model they ordered.  Colors Do Not Vary.  They are size specific.  Some cheap sellers are even offering Used products.  What?  Used?  OMG!!!
If the price is TOO CHEAP, it may be a SCAM!  Please be careful if you shop the bargain basements.

A clean & friendly site.
Love is a magnetic attraction!Happy Couples!

If you’ve found this presentation tastefully informative, and you’ve laughed a little, or caught yourself smiling, we are successful.  We are so very grateful for all of the wonderful people involved in this global project.  It would not be happening without each one of You! Many thanks to all for helping me share my toys!  :) Love, Mia

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