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Galileo said, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them."  ... And We DID!!!
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Erogenics, Inc. is a Florida Corporation established in '02 when Mia began manufacturing her patented strapless dildos.  This web site has been in continuous operation since then, and we've never run out of stock on any silicone feeldoe® or realdoe® item.  Though these products are available from many retail stores and on line web sites via distributors, like Tantus, it is Erogenics, Inc. who owns the patents and trademarks.
Our products are manufactured in a certified Clean Room to current globally accepted ISO standards.  The silicone material is Class VI which means it is certified to medical implant standards and completely safe for bodily insertion.  Products are novelty items only. 

VERY FAST at shipping your goods (usually on the same day).  U.S.A. customers receive their parcels in only 2 - 3 days, and Global shipments arrive in 5 days or so.  Check out our Reviews page!   Our customer service email address is
It's southern code for Girls Raised In The South who lived to tell about it

Business Address

Here's some extra information about us for inquiring minds:

Cute Couple in Love gif

When you place your order, Ann and Eileen will hand address your parcel and tracking label.  The two of them will take it to the post office.  Why does it take 2 people to go to the post office?  Well, they've been together for over 20 years and they're just like that!   If one of them is not hungry, the other one won't eat.  Go Figure!


Of the whole crew, Mia's the only one who is Not a Disabled American Veteran, and she's just...  well, there's a fine line between genius and insanity, and she teeters!  hahaha!!!  The number above is her direct cell.. now that's Crazy!!!  You won't have to punch in extension numbers or deal with picking any "departments".  If she doesn't grab it in time, you'll get her voice mail.  Please leave a message and she'll call you back.. or she'll see to it that the right human being who can best help you does... and swiftly.


Our quaint funny little web site is for Real.  We're for Real.  We do One Thing and we do it better than anyone else in the world.   This is a "global project" of setting the world free from strap and gear delays.  We're on a MISSION and we believe in it.  We LOVE our jobs!  Feeldoe® and Realdoe® and Feelbuck® are fabulous products!!!

We love working with Mia.  When you buy from Erogenics, Inc., you are supporting the development of new models because she funds the creation and tooling for global distribution.  Everyone knows the entire concept was created by a woman.  She is That Woman!  Our website reveals her southern charm and happy hearted playful nature. 

We make it as safe and easy as possible to get products to you.  An internet order will be charged to your credit card as Erogenics, Inc.  It won't say feeldoe.com or that you bought a sex toy.  hehehe! 

green friendly

Are you still reading?  We do many things differently!

Our A+ Better Business Bureau rated e-Commerce folks email your receipt.  Click to Check BBB rating   The actual transaction of funds occurs on e-Processing Network's web site which is one of the most highly rated and safest shopping cart providers in the world.  Ya' ain't playing with kids!
That Active X control script you may see on our site pages (depending upon which browser you use) isn't anything spooky.  It helps us figure out which pages are read the most.  That's why we're surprised you're still reading this one.  LOL

Our site is not required to be Secured since your personal information isn't entered or stored here.  (httpS and the pad lock you see on the address bar)  We maintain a Secure Socket Layer with Extended Validation just because..

When your order comes in to us, we print it on real paper, and delete the electronic file.  We don't keep records on computer systems. 

Your parcel really will be hand addressed.  Mia says those automated shipping labels could pose a security risk someday, and no one can hack what doesn't exist.  Strokes of genius are so simple!  She has privacy issues and thinks everyone's entitled to them, so we treat every order as some big top secret mission! 

She won't let us use fancy boxes or formed clam shell packaging.  What's discrete about toting that out to the trash?  How is producing garbage green friendly?  It's that simple genius thing again.  Your new family member will be all by its self and sealed in a thick plastic bag from our processing facility.. never touched by un gloved hands!   


Here are some things we Don't do:

We don't make you create a user account and log in so we get your email address.  We don't do mailing lists or spam. 
We don't put paperwork or solicitations in your parcel or your in-box. 
We're not supported by advertising with scads of ads in the margins.
We're not linked to a million other sites.  We don't exchange kickbacks with other sites, and we don't do pop ups. 
We don't offer any sales gimmicks or secret coupon codes.   
We don't record phone calls for "training purposes".  Who are those outfits fooling?
We don't supply any pictures of naked people.  Seducing you is your partner's job, not ours!

We won't send you any surveys to help improve service.  We've been in the military service, and know how to follow orders. 

American Flag - American Company
"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am.  Sir, yes, Sir!"

What we DO is simple:  You place your order.  We ship your parcel.

Like we said above, we do One Thing and we do it better than anyone else in the world!

Your contribution to this fabulous project is truly appreciated!
Erogenics, Inc. Smiley Trademark
Site owned by Erogenics, Inc.
To track an order or ask questions, please email:  GRITS@feeldoe.com
To report possible patent and/or trademark infringement, please email:  WebMistress@feeldoe.com

Patented strapless dildos known by our trade names, Feeldoe®, Realdoe®, and Feelbuck®, are Made In America.  Erogenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603.  The smiley mark featured on this web site and other sites operated by Erogenics, Inc. is a registered trademark, as is the phrase, "Made for a woman by a woman".  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.  All rights are reserved by Erogenics, Inc.   ©2003 - 2019

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Silicone Feeldoe® & Realdoe®

Our site is gay and lesbian friendly, but heterosexuals jump on patented Feeldoe® sex toys, too!