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"When we make love, my body isn't mine,
and hers isn't hers.  They're OURS!"

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Special Offers:  Silicone Feeldoe® & Realdoe®

It's about time..

Your Feeldoe ® is Ready!

Your Strapless
Strap On Feeldoe® and Realdoe® are
is ready


Her Story of the Strapless Strap-On Invention, and the Patented Double Dildos: 

Mia invented these special toys because she got frustrated with having to stop in the middle of it all and wait ... while the one she loved donned a harness, buckling this, snapping that, fumbling in the dark to get all strapped up … and then work even harder while feeling absolutely nothing!  By the time all of that getting ready was done, she was out of the mood and doing a cross word puzzle! 
As an inventor, her background includes research and development of mechanical equipment, machinery design, and chemical material processing.  Since she helps the boys make their big industrial toys work better, why not make toys for girls work better, too?

Ding, ding, ding!

Mia knew that women made their own dildos out of pig skin on the Isle of Lesbos … so she started her project in the 80's, fashioning different designs and tailoring contours.  It took over 10 years of research and development and a very patient lover who didn't mind trying all the ones that failed!  Her goal was to eliminate the delay caused by a standard strap-on dildo, and provide pleasure for the driving partner, too.  (The bottom just gets what she always gets which is, well, you know …)

When form, fit, and function were finally perfected, she named the first creation Feeldoe®, because it truly does provide the 

After securing several patents, she studied the chemistry of the raw materials and selected platinum cured medical grade silicone which is very expensive and was not being used in this industry at the time.  To her, your health and safety is much more important than profits! 

Patents and Trademarks

Make your dreams come true.
Buy Feeldoe directly from the source!
"When love and skill
work together;
expect  a
-J. Ruskin
"Sex is like a
Chinese dinner;
it ain't over 'till
you both get
your cookies!"
-A. Baldwin
Artist at work.

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Replacement Vibrator $16.00


Batteries and U.S. postage are included.
Extraordinary women are tantalized by the simplest things… 
What does "strap on" spell backwards? 
Well, we have the parts Now, don't we?
clever, huh?

All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. except for the little vibrators.  Those come from China.  We supply replacement vibrators only to U.S. locations, including APO and POBs. 
U.S. Postage is included in our $16.00 price for a mini silver bullet vibrator as are the batteries.

Your purchases of products from www.feeldoe.com is what affords all of the research and development of new models.  We're working on a real hum dinger now.  Again, thank you for your patience and continued support! 
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Silicone Feeldoe® & Realdoe®

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