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The Realdoe® More

REALDOE® MORE are in Stock for Immediate Shipment!
This model is the same size as Feeldoe® More,
which are the red ones,
but it's a Realistic dildo in cocoa tan color.

Large Realdoe More Vibe Image

FREE Signature Delivery by 2 - 3 Day Priority U.S. Mail Service to U.S. locations, even APO and POB.

This isn't a casting of a live volunteer or professional star.  Mia hand carved the master, scientifically designing each and every detail for
maximum stimulation and pleasure!

Realdoe® Classics
are the same size as Violet Classic Feeldoe®.
Realdoe® Slims are the same size
as blue Slim Feeldoe®.

Our products are designed to put you both somewhere over the rainbow where dreams really do come true!

As always from the
Home of the only patented Strapless StrapOns in the World,
priority delivery is FREE
to US locations including

Mia wasn't happy with any of the prosthetic skin colors offered.  They look prosthetic.  Quoting a dear trans gender friend, "We're not making left knees or right knees.  We're making weenies!"  She mixed up a color from all FDA approved components, and her particular new color is naturally complementary to all races.  It's not a perfect match to any one race.  She refuses to make a racial statement of preference.  Mia loves everybody!  She ran around with a sample of her newly created shade of flesh tone, holding it up to friends of all ethnic origins to be sure it's attractive to all.  Her friends found it unanimously well suited and acceptable.  Everyone voted, "Yes!"

If you post on the
Feeldoe® Facebook Page
... Please keep it clean!

Though Mia doesn't make postings on her own Facebook page, she humbly thanks all of you who do! 

You can also find us on

Instagram page


X page @EroFeelReal
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