"Patience may be a virtue, but silence says much more."  -Mia

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When Mia started her business in 1999, a gal making double dildos would NOT sit well with the neighbors.  The woman who owns Tantus understood the precarious situation, became the first distributor, and has helped Mia stay out of the spotlight for all of these years!!!  Now, since times have changed, it's okay for them share the secret. 
Erogenics has always been the source of the first and finest strapless strapons in the world, and still is.

using https://www.uspto.gov can be challenging, here are some easy to view images.  These are snapshots, but the urls are pasted at the top if you want to go see the actual pages at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Each image is time stamped, too:

Erogenics owns the trademark "Feeldoe" in the USA and multiple foreign countries.

Feeldoe trademark owned by Erogenics, Inc.

Erogenics also owns the trademark "Realdoe" in the USA and multiple foreign countries.

The foreign country registration list includes but is not limited to Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

About Mia's patents, here are a couple more pictures:

Patents for the first strapless strap on dildo in the world are owned by Erogenics, Inc.

On the "Her Story" page, it mentions that the woman who invented Strapless Sex worked on other things in other fields, too.

Mia owns Erogenics, Inc. and controls production of Feeldoe® and Realdoe®.

We thank you for supporting American workers, and favoring us with your business!  Your hard earned money will be invested in the development of future models; more colors, shapes, and sizes for everyone in the world to enjoy.  Mia has another winner on the way. 

Erogenics, Inc. remains a small woman owned minority enterprise, and your contribution to this fabulous project is truly appreciated!

If ya'll spy any Feeldoe® or Realdoe ® elsewhere and Erogenics, Inc. isn't on the package in the fine print, PLEASE get the scoop and drop us a line!  WebMistress@feeldoe.com  A portion of profits from infringement litigation will be donated to college funds.

Thank you kindly.

Erogenics, Inc. Smiley Trademark
Site owned by Erogenics, Inc.

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Strapless dildos known by our trademarks, Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, are produced in America.  Erogenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603.  The smiley mark featured on this web site and other sites operated by Erogenics, Inc. is a registered trademark, as are the phrases, "Made for a woman by a woman", and "Patented Pleasures".  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.  All rights are reserved by Erogenics, Inc.  
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Our site is gay and lesbian friendly, but heterosexuals jump on patented Feeldoe® sex toys, too!

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