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Shipping Policies, Terms, & Conditions

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The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of Erogenics, Inc.
websites as well as all transactions conducted through an Erogenics, Inc. site.

Privacy Policy:

  Erogenics, Inc. does not sell, rent, lease, or give your personal information to other web sites or third party companies.  When personal information (such as credit card numbers) is transmitted between e-commerce servers/sites to conduct the transaction, it is protected through the use of encryption, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.  Erogenics, Inc. follows security standards, processes, and procedures that are designed to protect your personal information, and is validated by the payment card industry. 

U.S.A. Shipping:

  Feeldoe® and Realdoe® products routinely ship on Tuesday and Friday, whichever comes first, excluding official holidays.  Parcels are shipped by 2 - 3 day Priority US Mail to all United States locations.  This is our FREE standard service.  If you would like secure signature delivery, tell us so in the "Comments" section of the purchase page, or email us at the address on your receipt.  There is no charge.
US locations serviced by the US Postal Service DO include post office boxes and APO/FDO/DPO addresses. 

Overnight service is available now through our stores on Amazon.

Global Shipping:

  Non-USA deliveries are currently suspended. The losses and returned items make it unfeasible with the World Customs Office tarriffs. We hope to resume global deliveries in the future.

Additional Shipping Notes:

  Undeliverable items will be handled by U.S. Postal Service policies and procedures.  Please visit for details, and to track foreign and domestic parcels once your tracking number is obtained.  Erogenics, Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged parcels though we will assist you with filing a claim against the U.S. Postal Service which does provide insurance on all domestic priority parcels and international express parcels. 

We no longer ship outside of the USA.  Customs Offices have denied entrance of products.  Some foreign offices do allow entrance, but we are told customer's must pay high taxes for delivery now.  We can not forsee or even estimate these fees, and we do not pay them for you.  If you elect to place an order anyway to be delivered outside of the USA, we may or may not ship it depending upon what we learn about the particular country.  If taxation reports from customers lead us to decide not to make the shipment, you will receive a full refund.  Please let us know if you are taxed for receipt so we can know better for the next customer!  We are trying to keep up with the various countries.  Some charge you extra fees and some do not.  It's a mess~ This is all new since the pandemic. 

Return Policy:

  Consideration given to a return or credit refund is handled on a case by case basis.  Under no circumstance will an open package item be accepted.  No return merchandise will be accepted without a (RMA) Return Material Authorization.  In the case of an approved return or approved size or model exchange, you may be charged a nominal restocking fee at our discretion up to but not to exceed 15% of the purchase price.  Please phone us during business hours at the number provided on our About Us site page, eastern standard time.
If you desire to return, exhange, or stop a shipment, please reply to the email address from which your order acknowledgement was sent to your in-box.  We can not guarantee that any shipment may be stopped since we process orders very swiftly.

Rejected Orders:

  In the event you inadvertently duplicate your order or do not supply a valid security code or enter unverifiable information while placing your order, we will attempt to void the erroneous transaction in its entirety prior to the automated movement of funds.  Should we not be able to void such a transaction prior to the movement of funds, a refund will be issued, less $8.00 applied to cover processing, banking, and shopping cart fees.  In such cases, except for a duplicate order, we will email you, explaining why your order was rejected, and request that you place the order again with appropriate corrections.  We reserve the right to reject an order at our discretion in our effort to thwart possible internet fraud.   

Product Quality Assurance:

  Our silicone products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in a certified Clean Room to current globally accepted ISO standards.  The silicone material is Class VI Pharmacopoeia grade which means it is certified for medical implant standards. 

Business Information:

  Erogenics, Inc. is a licensed Florida Corporation with offices located at 1643 Williamsburg Square, Lakeland, FL  33803 in the United States of America.  Our direct sales are internet based via fully accredited web sites, and we supply Amazon, too, for your pleasure and convenience.   We used to supply our products to distributors and resellers, but stopped in 2019.   Some of these old sellers still use our brand names, but do not supply genuine products. EROgenics is the ONLY SOURCE of Feeldoe® and Realdoe®.

Legal Notice:

  All items offered for sale are novelty items only, and only for consenting adults.  To view this web site you must be an adult, take full responsibility for accessing content, purchasing and using product(s), and agree to indemnify Erogenics, Inc. from claims, liabilities, losses, arising from use of product(s).

To report possible patent and/or trademark infringement, please email:

Erogenics engineering Patented Pleasures® logo for retail

Site owned by Erogenics, Inc.
Tracking numbers are emailed after purchase
(Sometimes they end up in the spam folder)
To track an order or ask questions, please email us at the email address on your receipt.

To report possible patent and/or trademark infringement, please email:

EROgenics, Inc. brand of strapless strap on dildos known by our trademarks, Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, are Made in America.  EROgenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603.  These are the genuine and original silicone products which started the harness free double dildo industry.  The featured smiley mark on this web site and other sites operated by EROgenics, Inc. is our registered trademark, too, as is the resale package name Patented Pleasures® .  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.  All rights are reserved by EROgenics, Inc.  ©2003 - 2024

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