"You have REVOLUTIONIZED the face of the novelty toy industry."
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"My partner was so excited, I had claw marks on my back for days!  Too bad I couldn't show them off to everyone.  I'd like to take the credit, but we've been together over 20 years, and using THIS TOY is the only thing that changed."  AMR - Florida 

"Now I know what premature ejaculation must feel like for a man. I can hardly hold off until my partner is ready." Becky A. - San Francisco, CA

Just how real does a feeldoe® feel?
We don't alter the comments ya'll send, but we'll clarify this one, and hopefully not offend anyone in the process:  Jamie's birth sex was
male.   She had the surgery.  Yes, she had her "outie turned into an innie", as she puts it.  Then, she fell in love with another woman:

"If I had met my lover before the surgery I might not have done it.  The feeldoe is like having my own penis back.  How ironic!"   -Jamie Marie - Baltimore, MD (formerly James and father of 2.)

"Only a woman could understand so well what we have all wanted for so long…"   Laura M. -MA

"At first I used my straps with it, but now I'm going for the natural look and feel. I wear it before I need it and our sex life is much, much more spontaneous." Debbie K. - Amsterdam

"I agree with your other rave reviews:  you have REVOLUTIONIZED the face of the novelty toy industry.  Once folks realize what you're offering, they WILL NOT waste cash on lame leopard-print vibes again!"  MLK - San Antonio, TX

"This is genius.  Please take my money."  B.F. -TN


" I just want to thank ALL of you there at Erogenics for the Feeldoe. I am a Trans-gendered individual, Female to Male, and I have been longing for a piece of equipment (I hesitate to call it a "toy" because it is so far beyond that!) that was strapless, and was comparable to a "real" penis for myself.
Talk about getting my wish and more!"  W.W. -Walnut Creek, CA

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"My LORDY, you have done an incredible service for lesbians of the World to create the feeldoe!"  -J.A. - Australia


"I'm a gay man with no partner at the moment.  Love your product because I can use the little end as a handle."  James - NYC

"Hi,  First let me tell you that the Feeldoe has done wonders for my wife and I.  Yes, we're a hetero couple, I'm type 2 diabetic, and have an "erection" problem, so we've used the Feeldoe both ways... I've put the bulb in my rear, and used the other end to penetrate my wife, she loves it.  She's also used it as it's intended, but on My rear, what a cool toy...  Thanks!"  G.M. -Nashville, Tennessee

To the straight folks Matt G. explains, "Jack would be bent over more often if Jill knew it'd feel this good."

"Oh my God.  This is the best dildo I have ever had in my life!  It makes me want to go out and get a girlfriend and I'm not even bisexual.  I love it so much I'm going back to buy the slim edition with the vibrating bullet.  It is perfect for someone like me that is allergic to latex and has difficulty finding good toys that aren't made of latex.  I climaxed so hard and fast with this thing it has become my new favorite.  I am throwing away the others; they don't even come close to comparison in satisfaction, in every way
Thanks so much, y'all... you definitely have a winner."  L.M. -Florida

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Physiological Fact: Kegel muscles (vagina) are not as strong as Sphincter muscles (rear end). If you like back door play and it turns into a tug of war, the rear end is designed to "relax" fellahs if you're gonna let her drive.

"Hi, sort of embarrassed to be writing this but wanted to share my story.
My girlfriend (I, a straight guy / she, a straight girl), has recently introduced me to some toys at her request. Well, i came upon your site kind of by accident and showed it to her.  She had me order the slim vibro model. Needless to say, she seductively convinced me to let her take me for a err.... "ride".  She has tried other toys / products before but they weren't so enjoyable on either end (pardon the pun).  Well I must say she LOVED this as did I.  We both felt something incredible.  I know most guys like me are reluctant to admit this but i must say WOW and commend u on an incredible product.  That fact(s) that we both were enjoying the experience made it so much better than anything else out there; but guess u already know that.  Just wanted to say thanks and share my story.
Hope all guys out there one day will be open (pardon the pun again) to trying this out.
" Mike D.

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Silicone Feeldoe® & Realdoe®

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