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Though created for lesbians and guys who are female to male trans gendered, about 80% are purchased by heterosexual couples.  Everyone is enjoying our Patented pleasure toys!  Men with erectile dysfunction problems are using Realdoe® as prosthetics. Gay men have discovered that our products are ideally practical for solo play.  One way or another, our fabulous inventions are pleasing everyone world wide! 

Strapless dildos were invented and patented by a woman.  Read the Inventor's Story here and learn how and why Mia created this fabulous new product line.  Visit our FAQ page for general information about using Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, and read product Reviews.   We supply detailed information about Sizes of our products, our Newest Member of the Strapless Dildo Family, and our nifty little Vibrators

All items offered for sale are novelty items only, and only for consenting adults. 
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Home | About Us | Inventor's Story | FAQ | Reviews | Newest Member | Privacy & Shipping Policies

Silicone Feeldoe® & Realdoe®

Our site is gay and lesbian friendly, but heterosexuals jump on patented Feeldoe® sex toys, too!